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Unofficial Marketing tools - widgets, readers and stores - created to display Smashwords books.


Standalone Bookstore


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These "stores" feature an author or publisher's books, and provides sales links out to Smashwords and third parties Smashwords distributes to. The standalone version is launched in a new window from a simple text link, so should work with sites that don't allow iframes or Javascript (e.g. free Wordpress blogs or Open diary).

The link text can be customised, to something like "View My Books", or replaced with an image.
Authors need to end the URL with ?author=YourAccountName (where YourAccountName is the account name). Publishers should replace this with ?publisher=YourAccountName

To Use

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These are unofficial tools supplied for use by Smashwords users. No guarantees or responsibility are taken for their use. They may be withdrawn at our discretion.